The best start for your child begins with your mind.

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Your Every Thought and Emotion Can Directly Affect Your Child’s Emotions & Well-being Right From the Time of Conception

Hearty Mums will give you the tools you need for a joyful preconception, pregnancy, and mothering journey. You’ll gain practical tips and techniques to become a Hearty Mum, and to raise hearty, emotionally stable and resilient kids.

Keen to find out more about becoming a Hearty Mum, but don’t know where to begin?

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Our tailored made programs are designed to help Mums at all stages 

Rewire your brain to embrace positivity and achieve emotional balance

Address emotional stress

Clear any emotional baggage inherited from your own upbringing

Resolve any limiting beliefs


Get to a clean emotional state, ready to build a strong foundation for your child.

Condition a calm and happy mind

6-Week Hearty Mind Program

The 6-Week Hearty Mind Program is our signature 1:1 program designed to help you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for the arrival of your babies, and create an optimal environment for your little ones to grow and thrive in. Whether you are just planning to conceive, are expecting, have just delivered or are facing some challenges raising your kids, we have the right tools to support you through all stages of motherhood. Click below to request for more details about the program and special package pricing. 

The Right Program For the Right Stage


Your emotional and mental state directly impacts your ability to conceive.

We’ll help you overcome emotional stress, resolve any mind blockages, and condition a calm happy mind for a joyful conception journey.

The 6-Week Preconception Hearty Mind Program will help you clear any emotional baggage inherited from your own upbringing, fostering a clean slate to build a strong foundation for your future child.


Women go through many changes during pregnancy, both physically and emotionally.

Your emotions can directly affect your baby’s development. Stress hormones can cross over into fetal circulation leading to poorer obstetric outcomes.

During the 6-week Prenatal Hearty Mind Program, we’ll diagnose any underlying stress factors, help you rewire your brain to embrace positivity, so you can sail through your pregnancy and have a smooth delivery.


The 6-week Postnatal Hearty Mind Program will help you cope with the increasing stress of having a new child.

Whether you’re a new Mom or not, every time can be different.

How do you juggle everything while being loving and nurturing to your new bundle of joy – who needs you the most?

We’ll give you practical tips and techniques to become a Hearty Mum, so you can raise Hearty, emotionally stable and resilient kids.


We offer private and fully customized sessions for Career Mums with young and schooling children. 

Your children’s needs constantly evolve as they grow, so do your role as a Mother.

Hearty Mums practitioners are trained to hold the space for you to share your motherhood challenges, empower you to look deep within and regain the emotional balance to be there for your children, family as well as your career..

Book your complimentary Assessment Call (worth $98) to assess your current emotional state and explore how to move forward in your motherhood journey with more joy!

Other Programs and Resources You Might Love!

Not quite ready for the 6-Week Program? There are other ways to access the Hearty Mum Method!

5-day Hearty Mind Companion Guide (worth S$48)

Sign up for this Complimentary Mini Course! Over 5 days, we’ll help you condition a calm and happy mind with some basic mental-emotional fitness techniques delivered right to your inbox!

We’ll show you:

  • The one basic breathing technique that everyone should know to reduce stress
  • Oprah Winfrey’s secret to positivity
  • How to trigger relaxation in your body on demand
  • The pre-requisite to managing your emotions
  • How to set your day up for success

Zero Minute Hearty Mind Exercises (S$96)

Get started with a set of Zero-Minute Hearty Mind Exercises for an enjoyable preconception, pregnancy and mothering journey. These exercises are especially designed for busy career mums, who want to maintain a calm happy mind amidst life chaos and increasing external demands.

The Zero-Minute Hearty Mind Exercise Package also includes a 20-minute 1-1 support session to help you maximize the benefits and chart out your Emotional Fitness journey based on your specific needs.

Private Session (S$250)

If you are new to Hearty Mums and want to experience a private session before deciding to book the full package, sign up here. Also perfect for those of you who have completed the program and just need an extra followup session.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I am a working Mum of 4 young children and also caring for elderly parents. I had a few sessions with the amazing Sofie Hon. I love how MAP encourages us to heal ourselves. It’s been an illuminating journey, and I am looking forward to moving to a better place within me. I think everyone should give this a try because it can only help and can’t hurt you in any way.

Elizabeth O.

After MAP sessions with Sofie, my son was able to handle the stress better than I have ever witnessed! I too felt more relaxed and enjoyed these events with him more than I have in the past. Sofie is so intuitive and gentle. My sessions with her are always relaxing, peaceful and bring me great insight! 

Anne C.

Parent Educator

Sofie focused on regular everyday techniques that I have used throughout the pregnancy. As I have practiced these techniques regularly, I believe they will also take me through the birth process. I enjoyed working with Sofie, she brought up concepts I would not have thought of or planned for. Her sessions were a deep way but gentle way of thinking about pregnancy, the birth, my family – husband and 1st child, and how I wanted this journey to be. I am very grateful for our sessions together, thank you for taking the time and kindness to work with me Sofie.

Stephanie W

Occupational Therapist

It's no coincidence you're here today.

The best start for your child begins with your mind. Take action today to take control of your mind. We’re here to support you in the mission of raising happy healthy and emotional resilient kids. 

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