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About Hearty Mums

Hearty Mums is founded by Sofie Hon, a mother of 2 young girls. She is a certified coach, MAP practitioner and an advanced trainer at MAP Coaching Institute. Hearty Mums provides mindfulness coaching services  to empower Career Mums and Mums-To-Be to raise resilient, happy children, and to embrace an environment that nurtures happiness and success for their children by mastering their own emotional fitness. In other words, to become Hearty Mums!

Today Hearty Mums and its coaches have helped hundreds of Mums master their emotions and minds to become the best Mums they can be while living a fulfilling life and raising amazing family alongside their career!

At Hearty Mums, we truly believe that you can have it all. You can excel professionally, feel energised, fulfilled and at peace, all while raising happy, calm, resilient children by learning how to master your mind and your emotions.

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Hi, I’m Sofie!

As a coach and certified MAP practitioner, I’m often approached by Mums worried that their child is anxious or misbehaving.

Instead of looking at the child, I always work with the Mums first, as many issues presented by children are influenced by their parents and can be traced to experiences as a baby or even in-utero. I’ve personally experienced this first hand.

For my first born, I had a gentle, peaceful pregnancy and she was born healthy and a breeze to care for, a truly happy and satisfied baby.

My second pregnancy, however, was tumultuous. My life circumstances changed, and I was often feeling stressed out, dissatisfied,  always rushing from one place to another. I was so focused on my career that I hardly bonded with my baby when she was inside of me.

When my second child arrived, she was feisty, needy and suffered a health condition for several years.I remember sitting on a couch one day and bursting into tears.

Those were the darkest days of my life. I was juggling my career, a young child, and a critically ill toddler. I aged 10 years in a short period, fared poorly at work, lost my family life and worst of all, I LOST MYSELF….

I had no idea how to support myself emotionally and was clueless where to start, not until several years later when I found the MAP Method 

The MAP Method   is a new method in psychology which leverages the latest discovery in neuroscience to help the brain build mental and emotional fitness for a resilient happy life. It is the next generation of mindfulness tool.

Today my child has progressed from being anxious and angry to being confident, empathetic and self-controlled. My journey with her has enabled me to reach out and help other Mums and kids.

I started Hearty Mums so I can offer this method to as many Mums as I can, and as early as possible so that all new Mums can start off as emotionally confident parents.

I want you to be equipped with the emotional skills needed to nurture happy resilient children, because your child’s happiness and success in life depends on it!

Praises From Our Clients

Seeing Sofie and spending time with her brought a different form of self-care and nourishment. I was more relaxed after sessions, and less reactive. It also helped open communication channels between myself and family members. MAP is an extremely procedural and powerful tool and following the process with Sofie felt very safe.

Stephanie W.

Occupational Therapist

Sofie has a very patient and gentle approach in dealing with people and this has always made me very comfortable. Through MAP she unravelled the truth about my possibilities and made me aware that I can tap on my mind to reach my fullest potential. This technique was also applied for my child who rebels as a teen at times. It reveals the power of your mind which would otherwise be hidden.

Renu G.

Working Mum of 3 teenage boys

The best start for your child begins with your mind

There’s no coincidence you are here. Whether you’re planning to conceive, tackle prenatal stress, or learning to cope with the demanding life of raising your child, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

We are here with a proven method to help you become the Mother you have always wanted to be.